Rules and Regulations

OHA Informational Bulletin
  •  Licensed Business Sale: Ownership Change Requirements  Reanalysis of Pesticide Failed Marijuana Products  Metrc CTS Daily Inventory Requirement  Marijuana Worker Permit Deadline View
  • Marijuana Worker Permit Deadline View
  • Advertising Restrictions View
  • Hemp Derived Products View
  • Sales to Medical Cardholders and Discounting Marijuana Items View
  • Plant transfer limits for new producer applicants transitioning from Oregon Health Authority (OHA) Medical Marijuana Program to OLCC Recreational Marijuana Program View
  • Expiration of limited pesticide testing rule on usable marijuana as of August 29, 2017 • Updated OHA testing requirements beginning August 30, 2017 View
  • Promotional events process to transport marijuana items to and exhibit marijuana items at a trade show or similar event. View
  • Temporarily allowing employees to work for an OLCC recreational marijuana licensee while the OLCC processes worker permit applications. View
  • Immature Marijuana Plants View
  • Marijuana Product Transfers View
  • Interpreting Test Results View
Temporary Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR)

    NOTE:  Temporary testing rules will supersede sections found in the permanent rules.

Permanent Oregon Administrative Rules
  • OAR 845-025 General Requirements Applicable to All Marijuana Licensees Effective 9/20/16 View
  • OAR 333-008 Medical Marijuana Complete Rules Effective 5/31/17 View
  • OAR 333-064 Accreditation of Laboratories Complete Rules Effective 5/31/17 View
  • OAR 333-007 Marijuana Labeling, Concentration Limits, and Testing Complete Rules Effective 5/31/17 View
  • OAR 333-007-0410 Exhibit A Effective 5/31/17 View
  • OAR 333-007-0360 Exhibit B Effective 5/31/17 View
  • OAR 333-007-0210 Table 1 Effective 5/31/17 View
  • OAR 333-007-0220 Table 2 Effective 5/31/17 View